Sweet Kitten Survives Fire To Wow Her Rescuers With Her Beautiful Fluff

There are many success stories across the web, but Ember’s is really special to us. This little kitten is a strong survivor that really beat the odds. At just 6-weeks-old, Ember was rescued from a 3-day-old fire. Love Meowinterviewed Renee Soucy, his rescuer, to get more information on his story.

“He was crying and barely moving, and was burned with singed fur and whiskers” Renee Soucy told Love Meow. No one was sure whether or not he’d make it through the night, but Ember pulled through. After being put on multiple antibiotics, a dewormer and pain medication, he’s making a full recovery.


Every time Ember received care from his new, loving family, he gave the loudest meows. He really loves his people and is happy to have toys to cuddle with. Now, a month after his rescue, his family is surprised to see how much hair is growing back!

Ember is turning out to be quite a fluffy kitten with a long, beautiful coat. Even better, his personality has blossomed. “He never stopped moving and exploring. He’s not scared of the bigger cats or heights or stairs,” says Soucy. She says this tiny kitten is the king of their house already.


His bravery is to be admired. Even after going through the rough start he did, he’s the sweetest kitten around. Ember is a fighter and we are happy to see he’s doing so well. His recovery is surprising and perhaps even more commendable is the actions of those involved to save his life. All animals deserve a chance, and Ember was lucky enough to find such a loving, caring home.