8 Things To Be Aware Of As Your Cat Gets Older

If your cat is approaching the golden years, there are signs to let you know once they’re reaching the homestretch of those nine lives. Although we love our cats dearly, sadly they are like humans who don’t live forever. Here are a few things to be aware of if your cat is getting older:


1. Getting up isn’t always so easy

As your precious kitty reaches their twilight years, it may prove difficult for them to get up as quickly as they once did. Allow them extra time to move about or help out by giving them a loving lift.

2. Gradual loss of appetite

This sign may be easier to spot if you have a kitty that always leaves their food bowl dry. The older your cat gets the lesser amount of food they will need to take in, so be on the lookout for a drop in weight as well.



3. Here, kitty kitty?

If your cat is truly getting older, that selective deafness they may have been practicing at times could take a turn to impaired hearing. As your cat ages so will all of their senses. This completely normal transition into a new stage of life may be a telltale sign for you as an owner.

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